Do you need to measure and at the same time manage your measurement setups?

With VeeCanDAQ, you can both measure and manage your setups.


Data- Acquisition & Control

With up to 6 connected data loggers, you can measure on 360 channels.

With the program's opc-client or modbus system, you can download and put values in external control units.

The built-in sequence system lets you define complex measurement sequences that are carried out without your intervention.

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With more than 140 calculation functions, you define yourself how measured data should be presented.
And if you are missing a specific calculation formula, we will program it into the system within a few days.

All measured and calculated data can be displayed in real time, where you define each graph window yourself.

When your measurement is over, you can have your results printed or delivered as PDF files.

All measurement results are of course saved so that you can work with them again later.


The company is owned and run by René Sørensen who is a fully trained electrician and engineer. After 8 years in the product development department of Rockwool International A/S, working with building, programming and service of measurement laboratories, the basis was present for founding VeeCan Systems in 1989.

Our philosophy

It is, and always has been, fundamental for VeeCan Systems that any problem can be solved, and that no job is too small.
It must be possible to operate our systems after a brief instruction, which especially is seen in our process programs for the industry. In our measurement jobs, our most important parametres are that we do it right the first time – and up against international standards and for this use we have at our disposal professional, calibrated and accredited equipment.

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